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Every Marketing Customer Starts with A SUREFIRE Website. Our websites are affordable & one of the most important investments you can make in your business.

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Google Your Services "near me"

Search for your services in your service area. Does your website show up on Google? People searching for Google don't scroll past the first page. SUREFIRE ensures our websites are developed to get your website to the top of the search results.


Turn Your Phone On

Is your phone ringing with new leads? Make it happen today. We manage your most powerful & affordable lead source: Google AdWords. We put your listing at the top of Google in front of searches that are relevant to your services. Your monthly budget is up to you. We'll help you target consistent, healthy revenue growth.


Serious, Long-Term Growth

Are you serious about long-term SEO & growth? For companies that want to plan future success, there is no better investment than consistent content. Our SEO'd website ensure that your content gets clearly served to Google. Want a better rank position? Add more relevant content. You'll watch your listing rise in the ranks.

Platinum Management: Bundle & Save! Get an SEO'd Website, Budgetless AdWords Management, & Content Develoment. Only $800/month

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You manage your business. Hire SUREFIRE to manage your marketing.

SUREFIRE is your business partner. Our marketing services are personal, effective, and valuable. Be in control of your company's growth. We've got your back.

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